Hit The Mark Trading – Boot Camp 2016 Courses

Hit The Mark Trading – Boot Camp 2016 Courses
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Hit The Mark Trading – Boot Camp 2016 Courses




Sale page: http://www.hitthemarktrading.com/services.html


Your instructor picks educational trades “in advance” showing you trade set-ups, entry, and exit bench marks.

Monthly $125.00 Subscription Includes:

  • Step by Step Getting Started Guide – A Powerful Reference
  • Minimum 4 weeks of video newsletter typically issued Monday through Thursday calling trades and reading the market.
  • Trader Weekly Review video published over the weekend
  • Rooster Call Morning client email starts your trading day
  • Chart templates provided for several major charting packages
  • Instructor email support for paid subscribers
  • Educational Trades Called “In Advance” allows you to take the trades on paper and watch them unfold every week!






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